You can be confident about Affordable Care Act compliance

A Better Solution

HB Solutions is a better choice because of our consultants. Annual filings with the IRS are just one aspect of meeting ACA requirements. Decisions regarding offers of coverage, affordability and a host of issues require your attention throughout the year, and our consultants will be there with you month after month. With backgrounds in labor law, our consultants bring knowledge and expertise about all aspects of the ACA to your unique situation:

  • Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Multiple Employer ID numbers
  • Self- Insured
  • … and more

Compare that to the call center you might be working with now!


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A Better Process

Our dedicated Solutions Specialists and data validation procedures are designed to help you by processing the most accurate data available.  Simply running reports won’t do the job if you are not using good data.

Better Systems

HB Solutions system was built from the ground up for just one purpose – ACA compliance. We can give you the tools and advice to help you steer clear of IRS penalties.

Be confident about Affordable Care Act compliance

Let our team of knowledgeable consultants guide you through the process
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